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March 17 2018

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>prevention of harm can only be achieved indirectly You seem to be saying that direct prevention of harm would be somehow preferable to indirect prevention. 
I think deterring a criminal is better than preventing a crime as it is being carried out literally 100% of the time.
And only guns give you the ability to do both. This is the reason that cops carry guns.
>therefore the attacker's weapon has greater effect overall The opposite is true. The less a defender is likely to use a weapon, the greater the deterring effect of those weapons would have to be. And, supposing it *is* true, you would be arguing against your own point, which is to show that the fewer weapons there are, the greater the security.
If the probability of a defender using a weapon is 0%, the probability of an attacker using a weapon is still non-zero, so attackers have a greater 'effect overall' in every conceivable scenario. 
Further, for this chart to be of any use, we'd need percentages. Otherwise you've just produced a pascal's wager for guns, basically, which is entirely useless. 
Lastly, guns do not preclude armor in any way, shape or form. You find me a planet where people wear armor unless it is because they expect to be shot in the first place. 
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